Teeth Whitening, Veneers, Invisalign, Extraction

Services & Specials

Dr. Greenwalt is a Dentist in Mandarin/Julington Creek/South Jacksonville, located on San Jose Blvd next to Sonny's.

Whether you are looking for a Dentist in Julington Creek or a Dentist in Mandarin we are grateful for the opportunity to treat your family.  We accept many insurances and offer family dental services to adults and children (6 months old & up) including: 

Exams                                                             Crowns
Cleanings                                                        Veneers
Fillings                                                             In-Office Teeth Whitening
Root Canals                                                    Bite/Mouth Guard Fabrication
Cosmetic Dentistry                                          Extractions
Implant Restorations                                       Dentures and Partials 

The Family Tree Dental Special 

     Each plan includes:

​                                    2 FREE Exams per plan year, 2 FREE Prophylaxis cleanings per plan year, 1st set of Bitewing X-rays                                             FREE per plan year, UNLIMITED PA X-rays FREEper plan year, 1 Fluoride Treatment per plan year,                                               and a 20% discount applied to all other dental services provided in our office!

     Pass Rates:

                                  $245 per year for an Individual Special (Plans for patients requiring extra periodontal cleanings are $449/ year)

                                  $479 per year for a Dual Special

​                                  $699 per year for a Family of 3 Special

                                  $919 per year for a Family of 4 Special ( Add additional family members for $199 each )

Exclusions and Guildlines:

                                           This is a discount plan that can only be used at Greenwalt Family Dentistree

Plan cannot be used:                                                                                                  Guidlines:

                    1. In conjunction with dental insurance                                                                    1. Plan is based on a rolling year; and will expire 1 year from purchase date

​                    2. For referrals to specialists                                                                                    2. Payment must be made in full for activation of plan

                    3. For hospitalizations or hospital charges of any kind                                            3. Special inclusions are subject to change from plan year to plan year


SPROUTS SPECIAL - All Kids Under 3 Get FREE Exams and Cleanings!

 Nothing is more important than getting your children started off right with regular checkups and instruction in proper oral hygiene.  The ADA recommends that a child's first dental visit should be within 6 months of the first tooth appearing but no later than their 1st birthday.  This helps to ensure proper care, education, and monitoring of tooth development.  At Greenwalt Family Dentistree, we will work to make sure your little ones and you have the educational tools and skills necessary to create a beautiful and healthy smile!


At Greeenwalt Family Dentistree we are very appreciative of the freedom, services, and protection we receive from current and former members of the military, as well as the many services provided by first responders (Police, Fire Fighters, Paramedics and EMT personnel) and Teachers.  Your sacrifices and hard work are much appreciated and we would like to extend to you a 20% discount on any dental work you receive here.

Discount is for uninsured individuals only and can not be combined with other offers*

​Our hours of operation include Monday-Wednesday 8AM-5PM; Thursday 7AM-3PM.  Friday 8AM-12PM. We are willing to work with your busy schedule and are available to see emergencies the same day!